Thursday, 9 May 2013

Y la vida sigue

Tengo a Corinna a mi lado dandome carino y mucho amor, diciendome con su ronroneo: Todo estara bien mami yo le digo lo se Corinna pero duele como duele. Si cerramos los ojos y callamos la mente sentimos llorar el corazon y eventualmente las lagrimas fluyen!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2012 in pictures

we said goodbye to dad. feb 2012
A great year 2012 we had a few bad moments but mostly good memories, we are hoping for the best 2013 we could have, all the best to everyone who read this blog. love.

decided to keep in touch with nature more
liverpool giants visit
visit of the giants liverpool 2012

one day in summer
healthier choices

birthday 35s


mmm turron de dona pepa peruvian sweet

i found loads of this little ones around me all the time :)

wish come true sublimes

bday cake :)

dec 2012


we went to visit dad in law grave and on our way back Nick notice this lady bird on my shoulder :)

new year 2013 at my friend's

Summer 2012

days of joy and colouring


more love

painting in progress

my new hobbie the sky with no limits

Corinna wishing merry xmas to everyone

first bday present from nature sep 2012

Nick got hit by a car while riding to work.

celebrating my 35s with hubby and best friend at la tasca sep 2012

PC and printer died so i decided to go back to painting.

PC and printer died so i decided to go back to painting.

Corinna 2012

Corinna 2012

new plates same food cook with the hearth

easter 2012

hanging out with friends 2012

skipping zumba for fish and chips in llandudno.
9 years anniversary june 2012 Greece Rhodes.

myself with nature Rhodes 29012

rhodes 2012

9 years anniversary june 2012 Greece Rhodes.

9 years anniversary june 2012 Greece Rhodes.

Greece Rhodes

cats = Rhodes Greece

my new best friend at hotel love him/her

yummy food

walking around town

more food

attack of the mosquitos

cruise to symi

Rhodes Greece

Rhodes Greece

loving the beach

last days

another feline friend!

bye georgia girl!!!

hubby in holiday mood :)


miau miau

over 40 degrees

anniversary coktail


last breaksfast and goodbye to georgia

Ixia Rhodes

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