Friday, 1 April 2011

Wedding at the botanical Garden!

Finally the day arrive my brother in law and his girl got hitched at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh last weekend wow wow wow, amazing!!!!

The weather was nice very cold but didn't rain I feel so sad for men wearing kilts oh dear... specially my father in law!
Nick and I

Parent's in law

New coat

The bride was stunning and my brother in law very nervous he even cut his face while shaving, so cute! Lucy my niece was the person who enjoy the most the wedding; she even jumped at the sound of the first song and start to dance  next to her parent's first dance so lovely girl. I also designed the illustration for the wedding stationery.
I wear a LBD and accessorized with long necklaces and lilac thighs.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Susy and Steve

My beautiful niece Lucy!

minicakes cake!

design by me!

yummy salmon!

more wine please!

Lucy wants to dance!

daddy's girl  

 Here is a video of Lucy dancing with her parents, she is a cutie!
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