Thursday, 25 October 2007

My mind is always flying

Finally I got the book I ordered weeks ago, you know because of the strike I didn't get it on time, 'Pass the celery, Ellery' is a wonderful book, I love the illustrations of Jeffrey Fisher and this made me change my mind, Fisher's work is more simple than I am and I always tend to complicate things and do lot of detail when sometimes it is not necessary. I decided to give up the paper mache idea and create cardboard teapots with Fisher character's personality and put them carefully in a shoebox decorated also in the artist's style. I am very pleased with the result, the work is funny, and I seemed to finally understand Fisher's style but I am not sure he would probably like my teapots, however I do. I love them!

3D piece

I decided to create a papermache Teapot and I did many experiments including building a 3D shape but it didn't work out very well, it was too messy, too big, too many wrong things and I changed my mind, I always change my mind I wonder why?

Character experimentation

The first picture was used for my proposal presentation. It looks very nice although Fisher's style is more simple.
the second picture is way far more in his style, using patterns to recreate the form.
The third picture was made one morning in the studio when I suddenly felt the urge to personalise the Teapot.

More studies

I did several studies in medias such as: watercolours, oil pastels, pastels, pen, ink and acrylic, I always love to play around and experiment and I think this is the most fun of the process.

Some rough sketches

These are the sketches I did at the beginning of my teapot research. I played with different media like, pencil, ink, marker and pen. It is always interesting to do different studies like continuous line as this always helps me to recognise the shape of the object easily.

Next step The Teapot!

As part of our project we had been designated to do a piece of work in the style of the artist. We had to chose a piece of paper with the name of an object and for me this was a Teapot. I always heard Britain is famous for its obsession with Tea and I think it would be very interesting learn about the TEAPOT which plays a very important part in making the tea.

Some links of Interest

Here are some of the web pages I used for my research:

The funny side!

Fisher's main characteristic in his work is his sense of humor, although I read some where he is very shy. Most of his work are cover books, I believe that If you want to succeed in any profession you have to be commit to learn more everyday, For example Fisher read the Famous novel 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' and then produced a beautiful cover book. this was unusual at that time but now is something vital. You cannot do a good work without research. He mainly uses ink, acrylic and watercolours. His designs are charming, colorful, cheerful, full of energy and ironic too.

Jeff Fisher and his longtime relationship...

The story of this relationship started when Bloomsbury needed a cover designer for an anthology called 'Soho Square' They loved his work and Liz Calder (Managing Editor of Bloomsbury) called it unique and absolutely timeles.

Jeffrey Fisher and Me

On the web I usually find so many interesting things but in this case it was a bit tricky, I had to Google in French and Australian web pages to find more about Fisher's work. Anyway now I know that Fisher works and lives in France, he is very famous for his book cover 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' and other titles such as: 'Les Liasons Culianire', 'Pass the Cellery, Ellery!' (He illustrated and also wrote this book which teach children rhymes). Among his clients are Puma, The Victorian Gas Board and French corporations like Les Ouvriers Da cote, L M Communiquer, Banque Laydernier.

Jeff Fisher or Jeffrey Fisher

As you know I was born in Peru and from my knowledge I never had heard of Jeffrey Fisher before. It is very hard sometimes to produce work when you are not sure what are you going to talk about.... Of course there is the library or the internet, but when there is little information about the subject this doesnt make it better does it? I was asked to research an artist whose name does not appear in the LJMU Library catalogue and on the web I could only find a Graphic Designer: Jeff Fisher. So I got confused and after I talked with my tutor I discovered that I was looking for the illustrator Jeffrey Fisher, what a coincidence!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

1st Essay
Final painting for PSS Course! 2006
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