Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Elizabeth Taylor Illustration for Amelia's Magazine

First time I heard her name was from the mouth of my mother, she told me about her and how beautiful she was also a great star. Suddenly I feel I have to know more about this super woman. I grew up with my mom fascination for her and her perfumes, mum was a regular shopper at Elizabeth Arden beauty counter at our mall. So when Matt Branmford asked last week for illustrations I knew I have to do one of her. it was such an honour!

Double Oscar-winner, most famous films included National Velvet, Cleopatra and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? She passed away at the age of 79, an icon a legend has gone. She was married eight times and also was famous for her charity work, raising awareness of Aids and supporting third world causes.

You can read the amazing review of Matt Bramford for Amelia's Magazine here There are more illustrators who submitted a piece for the article, all the illustrations are amazing, I think we all love to draw her.

Also I found a video from the BBC Hollywood pays tribute to screen icon Elizabeth Taylor

and on this website I found some lovely photos of her.

Goodbye Elizabeth Taylor the world has lost another legend!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Happy weekend everyone

Im off to Edinburgh this morning but i'll leave you with a video of Zumba for comic relief by Merseytravel staff. They didn't practice at all and they have to follow the instructors so it wasn't easy for them. :)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Find Your Feet’s We Are What We Wear Ethical Fashion Show

I have collaborated with Amelia's Magazine again this time I did the illustrations for her review of Find your Feet Ethical Fashion show featuring designs of By Stamo.

Bodyamr for Amelia's Magazine

I was commissioned to illustrate some pieces of Bodyamr collection AW2011. the collection is so sexy, the textiles are gorgeous and the model looked so glamorous!
Here are the illustrations and the link for Amelia's article

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dr Sketchy Liverpool

Sometimes I wonder if I should study fine arts and not Graphic Design as it's very clear I love painting I went to specialize in illustration.

One of the most interesting classes I have ever enjoy is life drawing and last Sunday after more than a year of not being near to a nude model I adventure myself to Dr Sketchy at the Bluecoat center. Say it was easy will be to lie, found it a bit hard but I was not going to give up and I enjoy myself a lot, so much fun, many outfits and the performers were marvelous, the girls are so beautiful with porcelain skin makes you wonder how do you get that great skin, it's is natural or can you please tell me your beauty routine secrets.

It was a lovely evening with  performances by Frank Lebeau and Phoenix Snow from Liverpool. The wonderful Diva Hollywood Hollywood she is amaaazing, the beautiful Beatrix Von Bourbon and the funny Steve Angstrom of course don't forget the "hypnotized" Nick Hunt good body btw! hahaha.

Here are my sketches of the performers.

Phoenix snow

Diva Hollywood

Beatrix Von Bourbon

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Masha Ma for Amelia's Magazine LFW A/W 2011

Hello Happy International women's day and here in Britain is also Pancake's day yes women and pancakes that's for sure a nice breakfast!

Last week I was commissioned to illustrate the LFW catwalk for the second collection of Masha Ma.
The article is written by fabulous illustrator Naomi Law and you can read it as usual in the super Amelia's Magazine site.

Check the boots are so so hot, love the collection is always fun to draw and illustrate different designers although i 'd never be able to create my own range hehe!!

The article in Amelia's Magazine also includes the  beautiful work of Natasha ThompsonAvril Kelly and Maria Papadimitriou.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Let me introduce you to Corinna and Killa. My babies!

I never was a cat person always was more like a dog  type but my husband really loves cats so when you are married you realize that no everything revolves around you anymore and you just to give up sometimes.

Corinna is 6 we got her  from the RSPCA as soon as we bought our house. She was a little timid and beautiful kitten a bit terrified but soon we were all friends, apparently the staff from the RSPCA found her walking around in the streets lost! she was wearing a pink collar.  A year later I was coming back from College and she was desperately miaowing to go out and I let her..

I was always scare to let her out I know is a cat and cats has a good sense of orientation but I'm an overprotecting mom. Well she came back crying and with visible sign of stomach pain started to throw up and I was really scared that when the drama began. I called a taxi and he didn't want to take me to the vet, my neighbour kindly offer herself to give  me a lift and I have to left her overnight at the vet as she was clearly in pain but we didn't know why.

The next day they took x rays and discover two pellet gums in her stomach. WTF I though who the hell  wants to harm her. They need to operate her immediately the next few hours were terrible I was so devastated and blame myself so much, she came out of the operation weak after a few days we brought her home. We gave her lot of extra love, she was ill, needy and keep throwing up. In summary imagine lots of visit to the vet, medicines, operation & hospitalisation bills, etc All worth it to save our baby life.

We had to change her diet but nothing seemed to work so I tried boiled chicken and her reaction was good. Eventually the vomits were disappearing but came back from month to month every time we left her alone that why we decide to get her company as I was starting university and Nick was away all day.

My friend got me this little 4 weeks tortoise cat we name her Killa which means "moon". She is 4 and terrible, naugthy and very talkative when you told her off.

At the beginning Corinna was jealous as hell but eventually they grow up together and these days are like sisters fight and make up all the time. they are adorable and I don't let them go out as I'm scare forever as that twat who shot my lovely girl! If one day I catch you you will know me you B....

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