Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Edward Hopper and his mysterious painting

His work reminds me the TV series Bewitched. His narrative makes me like I am a spy in his paintings; his work is descriptive almost like a snapshot or a movie scene. His palette of colour tends to be a mix of dark tones using pale ones for light. Pale yellows are very sad and contrast with the dark blue or greens which are used to describe furniture, carpets, clothes, etc. His characters usually seem to be lonely or buried in their own thought. Through my research I discovered he loves theatre and movies and he uses these as inspiration for his pieces. Most of his subjects shows moods like monotony, repetition, regret and usually are painted surrounded by everyday environments like a house, an office, a gas station or a cafeteria. One thing that caught my attention is that his main subject seems to be women mainly because when he was younger he grew up surrounded by women. (Mother, grandmother, sister, maid)
His painting ‘Room in New York’ is a perfect example of how he communicates emotions and let the viewer create a story. So as a result the viewer becomes a storyteller. There is a whole sense of loneliness and the colours are quite dramatic and combined with a simple technique, he achieves a successful composition. I look at the painting and I can feel the tension between the couple, they have grown apart, they don’t look at each other anymore. They seem like two strangers locked inside four walls. His use of light and how it depicts distance in his work is interesting. All the things and people in the painting seem to be far away and seem lost and the viewer is the witness.


César Santivañez said...

Todo un grande, Hopper. Los artistas Pop decían que él, sin pertenecer a esta corriente, la entendía a cabalidad.
Por otro lado, y en cierta manera, los fanáticos contemporáneos del cómic le debemos muchísimo a la estética Hopperiana. Una lástima que no se le dé el lugar que merezca.
Gran nota, felicitaciones!

Muki said...

Gracias por tu comment! Es muy cierto que le debemos mucho a Hopper en sentido de composicion y color.

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