Saturday, 7 May 2011

Illustration Rally Ganbare Nippon: Japan Tsunami Appeal

We all remember like yesterday the terrible morning when we woke up and on TV were the devastating images of the big earthquake and the tsunamis that stroked Japan more than a month ago.

I got friends in Japan and immediately I was worried for them, it was unbelievable the images and videos over the Internet and the news, shocking!

A wonderful illustrator I have met in twitter and who runs Illustration Rally Natsuki Otani is from Japan and my thoughts were with her as well, She was comprehensible upset and feeling powerless in front of this tragedy that was affecting her country, She has the brilliant idea to run a rally for Japan to give them courage to keep going. The rally was a success and I think she is very thankful with each of us who support the idea and create a piece for Ganbare Nippon, which means don't give up Japan!

This is my little contribution to Illustration Rally, I wish all the best to people in Japan they are a strong community and I'm sure they will keep stronger and move on. :)

Here is also a link to a friend's blog about his experience of the tragedy. The blog of Loz Blackman 

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