Thursday, 5 May 2011

A Royal Wedding for a Peruvian girl like me

Well last Friday I got the day off and I made sure I stuck in champagne and pastries to watch Kate and Prince William wedding. As far as I knew I was going to have a nice day drinking and watching fashion but to my surprise I was engaged in all the celebrations. I was so excited to see Prince William in his lovely red hot uniform that's when I realized I was hooked! I could remember how I felt in my own wedding and it was terrific. 

I love Sarah Burton design for Alexander McQueen house, her dress was absolutely beautiful and Kate looked gorgeous. (dress have many similarities with Grace Kelly wedding dress) 
Photo from

Photo from

Here are some photos of the day, did lot of screenshots I know cheater hehe :)

And some pics of my wedding 7 years ago :) 

Cheers for Kate and William even we paid for their wedding with our tax money. 

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