Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Charater Design - Desarrollo de personajes

It is always interesting to create art, it could be a character, a pattern, a painting, it could be photographs, digital art, abstracts.....and is only possible if we let our imagination fly. But to create something it is necessary as well to have a sense of perspective of shapes, colours, and what is right for the piece we are creating. I think every artist has a special ability, some are better at drawing, others at choosing colours, others at backgrounds. Each of us has a special gift which makes us different and will make the difference when we apply for a job.

In this Blog I will focus mainly on characters of the past (after all they were my inspiration when I was a child!) I don’t really like many comics these days I could never compare Snoopy with Hellboy. Obviously I know that there is a whole difference in the ideas behind them both, but what I mean is that is was so nice to grow up in times when innocent, lively, flat, sometimes sarcastic or naughty, but always cute characters reinforced my childhood. Now I only see darkness, grotesqueness and evil, the common themes of stories are fighting, blood, sex, to name a few. Ok someone will say that these characters are for grown ups, but be honest do you honestly think the parents are watching cartoons with the kid all the time??? When I was a kid I was forbidden to watch soap operas (my mother said they were not appropriated for my age!) but I always managed to watch them (when they were not at home). My mother used to unplug the TV cord and hide it and I always manage to find it and put it back and return it to its place in my mother room before she even realised it had gone missing. What I am saying is that is not impossible for a kid to enjoy these new styles. Anyway this is just my opinion and I'm sure the artwork is pretty good but for me artwork has to have a message and sometimes this is just become to superficial and commercial.

I’m posting some examples of characters which I remember with nostalgia!

Scooby Doo
Smarfs (Los pitufos)
Tom & Jerry
Captain Caveman
Maya the Bee (La abeja maya)
Popeye the Sailor (Popeye el marino)
Candy Candy
The Pink Panther (La pantera rosa)
The Flinstones (Los Picapiedras)

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