Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Classic Humour

I’m posting some examples of characters which I remember with nostalgia! They were fine comedy and hilarious.

Scooby Doo: I like his personality, always afraid of ghosts. We know cartoons are not real but that special characteristic made me watch every single afternoon.

Smurfs: I love their design; little blue creatures, I love Gargamel the evil character who always tried to make potions to capture them. It was magical and an original story at that time.

Tom & Jerry: They were hilarious, they didn’t need to talk for you to understand what was going on in the storyline. Sometimes Tom was so cute that many times I thought the bully was Jerry!

Southpark: This is a grown up cartoon, yes lots of children swear in the streets these days but when Southpark appeared in TV, it broke this taboo of TV politeness, and it’s funny and dark and talks about murder and other topics, but somehow manages to entertain without scaring the audience. Maybe this is because of the use of colour and line.

Mafalda: This was about a little girl who is very wise and always surprises her parents with her political ideas. I love the way a cartoon can express many things. Mafalda is a simple drawing which has had a lot of success, but again it is for grown ups.

Candy Candy: Now many would say Candy Candy was really cheesy, but as a cartoon soap opera it wasn’t that bad. There were a lot of tears and suffering, but there were beautiful detailed characters, lovely colours, with, very good narrative. If it made you cry is was because it was able to communicate the emotion which I think is always good.

The Flintstones: Another original story, rudimentary characters, focusing on the machismo of the cavemen yet set a 1960’s style society. It was original at the time, such as the use of prehistorical animals in the latest technology. Again lot of colour is use in the design of this great series.

Garfield: In my opinion it was ‘The cat who lives the Life’ lazy, hungry and always sleepy.

Animaniacs: The tunes in the opening still sound in my head, the characters were very sarcastic and I loved the way they drove the Psychologist crazy.

The Simpsons: The sense of humour in the Simpsons has matured like the wine, it has got better and better, it is like a medicine to relax.

In general all these cartoons have things in common, they are vibrant, alive, and colourful, with a strange sense of humour, I know they were created in different times but I found them full of happiness and for me they bring back a lot of memories.

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