Thursday, 21 February 2008

Famous birds characters

I’m going to focus my research around birds mostly on TV and commercial products that are somehow still in our memories. the character I'm going to design is going to be a bird and I'm looking at these examples for not only inspiration but to learn more about personality and design. Below is a list of images which I can remember from my childhood. Some good examples are:

Tweety (Piolin)

I always remember this tiny bird and I always though ‘poor Sylvester’, Tweety is sweet but a pain in the butt!


I never got to interested in this bird but it is a classical in the comics- the best friend of Snoopy.

Darwin the Duck
This animated cartoon by Disney keeps all the appearance of the old Donald the Duck character but its looks like a mature version.

Woody Woodpecker (El pajaro Loco)
He was mad but absolutely adorable. Both children and adults like it, and I remember how at the beginning of every episode Walter Lantz taught you how to draw and make an animation. It was great, and I never missed his instructions. It’s a classic.

Foghorn Leghorn (El gallo Claudio)
Was a sarcastic, funny, playful and hilarious character with an outgoing personality.

Cornelious the Rooster (Kellogg’s Cornflakes)
It is a funny character created to promote cornflakes, which shows some strong ideas and personality, is a mature rooster with a young spirit.

They were characters from the Animaniacs series. They were pigeons who thought they were strong as a group but really they were very silly (it was a parody of the Godfellas movie, they were kind of aggressive and always seems to be fighting.

Heckle and Jeckle (Las Urracas Parlanchinas)
They magpies who were very wise, with different personalities, always looking for free food and easy money, always making jokes, doing naughty things and mocking other characters.

Henery Hawk
He innocent like a baby, he believes everything Foghorn says, he wants to capture a chicken but he doesn’t know how one looks like so he is always getting in trouble and gets angry when he doesn’t succeed

Bad Examples


I think this character has a lack of style is badly designed and seems evil.


This was a famous cartoon in UK but not very familiar to me, anyway I think it was very interesting the way he being used for commercial purposes. Buzby would encourage people to 'Make someone happy with a phone call' so sad he wasn't a success with adults as it was with children. So there is nothing wrong with the style and look, but it did not succeed in his commercial purpose.

Big bird (Sesame Street - Plaza Sesamo)

Oh well I am the only who doesn't remember Big bird in sesame street, it is very vague in my memory. I wonder why but he looks silly. And I remember more Renee the Frog!!

Road Runner
I found it so annoying, every single time he escapes from the Coyote, I don’t know I must be weird but I wanted the Coyote to catch him at least once!


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